OFF BEAT CULTURE artists 2019

OFF BEAT CULTURE proudly presents it's latest musical sensation – the artist and young artist


artists 2019



singer with a very special alternative voice. Look out for her upcoming single "Outshine The Starlight" on Soundloud, Spotify, Apple Music this summer.


She has a

wonderful soft voice with a serene quality to it. Look out for future release "Good Pain" on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music


Exceptional singer

with a warm and emotional voice. Listen to his acoustic pre-release "Back In London" on Soundcloud and for further releases in the future.


Very talented

singer with a beautiful folky voice. Look out for single releases in the future.

PIC (1 von 1)@nu1x.jpg

Powerful and

soulful voice. Be ready to be on your knees


young artists 2019


Very emotional

soft voice with wonderful expression and strength. Look out for further releases.


Serene and

very PROMISING young voice. Watch out for great things to come